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Mother's Day 2024

Mother's Day this year looks a little bit different for PH Flower Studio. The main thing, it'll be a 1 woman [florist] show + a delivery team of family members. 

Please read below for more details.

How it works

and things I'd like you to be aware of

Mother's Day has always been the busiest (and most stressful) time here at PH Flower Studio. When I found myself as a 1 woman show, I wondered about not part-taking in it at all given the logistics of it. However, I have opened up a number of bookings I believe I can handle over the 3 main days (for a florist) of Mother's Day: Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

PRE ORDERING IS ESSENTIAL! I cannot stress this enough, and same day delivery will not be available again until Thursday of the following week.*

There are 45 bookings available in total with some already being taken. I will update the home screen of out website a few times a week with a countdown style booking availability for convenience.** Once these 45 spots are booked, I will not accept anymore until the following week (day to be announced during that time period pending stock and availability at the flower market). 

Finally, I want you (all of our customers) to be aware that I realise this is limiting to how many people we can serve during this period, however, it is the limit I feel I can manage for all of the bookings to maintain the quality of both product and service that I strive to provide. It is also the limit that allows me to maintain presence within my own family. I appreciate your support and understanding.

Thanks for choosing my work x 

* Pre booking should be available again from Monday after Mother's Day. This will be dependent on stock availability from the flower market though and this is subject to change.

** This will not be a real-time update. Once we get down to the nitty-gritty (i.e. final 10) these can be booked MUCH faster than I will be able to update so please be understanding if you're contacted to inform you that we were booked out prior to your order coming through. Booking times will be closed down as soon as possible after the maximum is reached.

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