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Responsible supply and delivery of alcohol with orders

Alcohol is available as an add on for delivery of flowers to add something a little extra to make someone's day. However, in order for us to make this available to you we must adhere to rules the cover the age restriction of supply of alcohol in Australia. Before adding alcohol to your order, please be aware of the following:

- Alcohol cannot be purchased as a stand alone product. It must be purchased as an add on with flowers or a hamper. If it is attempted to order alcohol as a stand alone product, it will not be supplied. 

- While we cannot restrict the order of alcohol beyond the above, our delivery drivers and all staff reserve the right to request ID upon delivery or withhold the delivery of alcohol id underaged persons are receiving the delivery. This is at the discretion of the delivery driver or staff member upon delivery.

- If the recipient is not home, delivery drivers or staff members will use their discretion to determine whether it is safe to leave the alcohol with the rest of the order or not. In the event that it is not deemed safe to leave the alcohol (e.g. animals or children present, open to the road etc.), it will not be left as per our delivery policies for other items.

- In the event that alcohol cannot be left safely with the rest of the order, the sender will be contacted. From here, either a refund for the alcohol only will be arranged, or redelivery may be scheduled at a fee ($10AUD).

- If redelivery is to occur, our staff members will request contact details for the recipient and the recipient will be notified of the delivery so as to avoid another circumstance where there is no one of age at home to receive the delivery. 

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